Resurs Pak LLC ensures high quality of its products. Technologies combined with the acquired experience of our employees allow us to successfully implement the most complex and large-scale projects. Possible production capacity: about 48,000 tons

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The company "Resource pack" has been operating since 2019, organized by a team of professionals with experience in this market for more than 5 years. this is the main guarantee of success and active development of the company. Our specialty is the development and production of industrial packaging for bulk materials, both food (food, animal food, seeds) and non-food (chemical, pharmaceutical, minerals, cement, fuel pellets), as well as for dangerous goods.

We provide convenient and reliable logistics, flexible payment terms. Ability to create your own warehouse of finished products for the supplier.

The company's main production is based in India, and there are also long-term contracts for the supply of products with manufacturers in Asia and a factory in Turkey (for fast service in the region). The company successfully cooperates with major consumers in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Quality Full control of production, and testing of finished products.
Service Available to customers 24/7 to provide maximum technical and commercial support
Uninterrupted supply of more than 6 independent production sites.
The cost of production is the combination of price and quality

The company produces soft MKR containers (big bags) of all types, polypropylene bags (PP Bags), valve bags for dry mixes (Ad Star), slings. With the possibility of applying the logo 4-color printing.

The pack resource can help you determine the type of big run that suits your specific needs. The following aspects will influence the correct choice:

  • Weight and type of product to fill in
  • Filling or loading temperature
  • Number of filling cycles
  • Filling method used
  • Subsequent Transportation, storage and unloading

Polypropylene bags are universal containers that are resistant to abrasion and other physical damage. This type of packaging can be used anywhere, if it is a question of transportation or packing of various bulk materials.

Our company offers the widest selection of polypropylene bags of all imaginable volumes and configurations, namely: 5-kilogram, 5-kilogram with a handle, 10-kilogram, 10 - kilogram with a handle, 25-kilogram, as well as bags of 50 kg.


Today, Resurs Pak sells and delivers pallets on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad for export. We offer products according to current standards, as well as according to customer specifications and characteristics. Our permanent assortment includes Euro pallets, standard, lightweight and reinforced wooden pallets.


Designed to protect cargo in a soft container from atmospheric precipitation, product interaction with the external environment, and preserve the presentation of the product being transported.

Plastic liners in big bags perform many protective functions. Thanks to this additional element, the cargo is more reliably protected and safe. As a rule, big bags are used for storage and transportation of bulk materials that tend to fall out. The polyethylene liner prevents this possibility by not letting the contents out of the bag.


Protects a variety of products, from sawn timber to planed Pagonia and building materials from the harmful effects of the environment. Films are especially necessary to protect packages with lumber from precipitation, pollution and burnout under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and also prevent the occurrence of a greenhouse effect under the film, without passing infrared rays.


To manage the quality of products, the company has a quality management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. All types of products have received certificates of conformity, which confirm that the products meet the requirements of regulatory documentation.

The company has its own certified measurement laboratory that performs quality control at the following stages:

  • - input control of raw materials;
  • - control of semi-finished products;
  • - control of finished products

On finished products are checked:

  • - Appearance of the bag: the presence of torn places, sloppy and damaged seams, etc
  • - Compliance with the size standards.
  • - Weight of the bag.
  • - Bag weaving density: the number of threads per square 10 cm of cloth.
  • -The breaking load of the fabric and the bottom seam. Determines the load capacity of the bag.
  • - Resistance of the bag to sunlight: this determines the possibility of storing cargo with periodic exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • - Gluing the inner surfaces of the bag.
  • - Presence of foreign odors - for bags used for food storage.

Tested by organoleptic method.


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